Because you can never have too many lists, can you?
Long time, no see

July 2022

The only way to catch up is a list, I guess

May 2022

Cheese, Virginia Woolf, baked goods, and more Woolf.

April 2022

A 'Big Thief' concert on a Tuesday night
Long time no see - on the city, opinions, Pure Colour, and being mad at TV

February 2022

Ahead of the season 2 finale, I chat with Maya about the depiction of relationships in HBO's Euphoria.
Imitation isn't just what Euphoria produces - it's what the show might very well be about.
I wrote this for The Guardian!
On figuring out how to make things.

January 2022

Some half-formed reflections on age and gender at the movies + what else I've been watching/reading/listening to.
I don't know what to think (except that I love HBO's Search Party).